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♥ A thousand clever lines unread on napkins ... ♥

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little things inside my head [Feb. 25th, 2005|07:07 pm]
♥ A thousand clever lines unread on napkins ... ♥


[Feeling Rather |blahblah]

Tell me why:

Life is so important to so many people
No matter how many times i get disappointed,
I still end up in the position for it to happen again
Bad things happen to good people
Good things happen to bad people
I can't be happy for very long
People are such blatant hypocrites
I get so many headaches
Nothing works out anywhere near the way I plan it
We have no money and it's my fault
Everything is my fault
I can never say what I mean when I want to say it
People pose
People wear dead animals
I want to be straightedge now
I can never sleep
I want to sleep all the f'n time
I'm always too hot or too cold
But I'm not hot
I want someone to like me
I want to like someone
I keep no promises
And I can't stick with anything
People like violence
Everything seems to hurt
I'm supposed to forgive you
I should even concider NOT being mad at you
I want to drive to the edge of the earth and look over the edge.

(borrow and tweeked from someone)